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New Products : Display Countertop For Cosmetics Retail Shop
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Some new products have been launched in early 2018 year by our factory. One of striking sample is Display countertop for cosmetic retail shop. Prototyping  for cosmetic Display countertop is stumble road at beginning, finishing test, surface treatment optimizing on stainless steel, sandblasting or leave original with some polishing for welding line crater, deforming after  rolling  and  bending, modifying laser cutting margin and  so on, all of  questions relative  to fabrication technology is a critical for final products decoration and durable application quality.

 Display countertop for cosmetics retail shop.jpg

Our sales man and design team join force together in explore new scheme recent months and made out a final nice trail products.  Full capacity in steel forming lead us on course of supply wider metal products on international market.  China's steel exports to the should turn to higher quality and high end market since South Asia competitor offer lower production costing presently.