Commercial Equipment

  • Bus Station Shelter

    Bus Station Shelter

    We make custom designed bus shelter, station shelter as our new developed product : Detail: ● Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, copper,HGCC (hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet),SECC (Electrolytic galvanized steel), SPCC(Steel Plate Cold rolled Commercial),Acrylic, PC plate...Read More
  • Metal Kiosk

    Metal Kiosk

    Custom metal and stainless steel kiosk generally use material like color steel plate, aluminum-plastic plate, wood or stainless steel plate production. Applicable to street shopping center mall , parks, community, stadium, Blokset, countertop,stations, amusement parks, zoos...Read More
  • Custom Street Shopping Center Mall Vendor Displaying Kiosk

    Custom Street Shopping Center Mall Vendor Displaying Kiosk

    Automobile part are new project for us, since we gained a quit big order from worldwide automobile manufactory and wholesaler, distributors. Vehicle industry is growing faster than last decade years, so we decide jump in this products fabrication. Various auto parts products,...Read More