Metal Furnishing

Metal Furnishing is a main structure of metal pipes, plates or sticks, with furniture made of wood, various wood-based panels, glass, stone, etc. and wrought iron furniture made entirely of metal materials. Advantages of Metal Furnishing: It has a unique personality, rich color selection, various types of doors, folding function, considerable aesthetic value, and good quality and low price.
The metal materials used in Metal Furnishing can be obtained by various processes such as stamping, forging, casting, molding, bending, and welding. Surface treatment and decoration are carried out by main processing techniques such as electroplating, spraying and plastic coating. Metal Furnishing connections are usually assembled and styled using a variety of connections such as welding, screws, and pinning.
The Metal Furnishing we offer are: Custom Metal Furniture Shelf Cabinet Bed Chair Table Frame Parts, Metal Stainless Steel Handrail and Balustrade for Balcony Veranda Corridor Street Sidewalk Pavement Trottoir, Steel Metal Storage Display Rack Shelf, Commercial Food Machinery Shell Cover Equipment Part. We're one of the leading metal furnishing manufacturers and suppliers in China, established in 2005. Welcome to import the top quality metal furnishing made in China from our factory here.