Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication is a product that can be directly used by users by cutting, straightening, flattening, pressing, hot rolling, cold rolling, stamping and other production processes of various steel plates, pipes and wires in the original state of steel. Representative Steel Fabrication products include:
    1) Cold-worked steel: cold-rolled and cold-drawn steel, which is a product after further processing of hot-rolled materials, with the advantages of smooth surface, uniform thickness, excellent performance and high economic efficiency.
    2) Coating, coating, coating, surface treatment steel: coating on the surface of steel, coating or composite material to save metal, extend the life of steel, is also a powerful measure to solve the corrosion problem of steel products.
    3) Metal products: hot-rolled wire deep processing products. Including various specifications of low carbon steel wire, coated steel wire, metal mesh, steel wire rope, steel strand, prestressed steel wire and welding wire and other varieties.
The Steel Fabrication that we can provide mainly includes: Industrial Sheet Metal Fabrication, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer, and so on. We're one of the leading steel fabrication manufacturers and suppliers in China, established in 2005. Welcome to import the top quality steel fabrication made in China from our factory here.