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Million-Watt-class laser cutting machine Hot spotlight or general trend?
- Mar 24, 2018 -

If you want to count the 2017 hot keywords in the field of laser cutting machines, the 10,000-Watt laser cutting machine is absolutely worthy of the top spot. Once upon a time, the laser high-power cutting market was occupied by 2KW-6KW. In less than a year, the 10,000-Watt-class laser cutting machine suddenly appeared before the major manufacturers.

 In the second half of 2016, Han's Lasers and Falailas Laboratories can provide commercial 10,000-Watt laser cutting machines in the first half of 2016. Today, Leading Laser, Fast Laser, Pentium Laser, Hongshan Laser, and 100 Super Lasers have also been launched. 10KW fiber laser cutting machine, Tianqi laser, high-energy laser, force star laser also has 8KW cutting equipment.

 Laser cutting into the era of high power

After 2012, the fiber laser cutting process emerged, and in the following years, the CO2 laser cutting technology was gradually replaced. In particular, after 2015, the upgrade of fiber laser cutting power reached a point of rapid change.

 In 2015, the 6000W fiber laser cutting machine was introduced, from 6000W to 8000W, and even to the seemingly unreachable Wanwa laser cutting machine. In 2018, the laser cutting machine power is expected to reach 15000W.

 At the same time, domestic laser equipment manufacturers have followed the rise of laser cutting power and developed high-power laser cutting equipment in a very short period of time. This is what you are chasing after and will jointly promote the laser cutting market in China to a high-power era. .

Changes to the sheet metal processing industry

The primary change brought about by the increase in power is the change in the thickness of sheet metal cuts. The thickness of early fiber laser-cut sheets was limited to within 20mm of carbon steel and within 12mm of stainless steel, and thicker materials still used traditional processing techniques such as fine plasma, wire cutting, or waterjet cutting.

 Higher power also means faster and more efficient cutting. When cutting 3-10mm thickness of stainless steel plate, the cutting speed of the 10kW laser cutting machine is more than twice that of 6kW. Meanwhile, the cutting of Wanwan laser cutting machine can reach 18-20mm/s in the application of carbon steel. Glossy cutting is twice the normal standard cutting speed; carbon steel within 12mm can also be cut with compressed air or nitrogen, cutting efficiency is six to seven times that of oxygen cutting carbon steel.

The 10,000-Watt laser cutting machine can cut aluminum plate up to 40mm and stainless steel plate up to 50mm. With the introduction of 12kW and 15kW fiber laser cutting machines, the thickness limit of material cutting will continue to be broken. The processing price of slabs will be further reduced, which will trigger more laser cutting applications in the thick plate sector, such as shipbuilding, nuclear power, and national defense. As a result, a virtuous circle is formed, and as a result, the application of laser cutting is further expanded.

Data shows that in the 8mm stainless steel, the speed of the 6KW compared to the 3KW laser cutting machine has increased by nearly 400%. In terms of 20mm thick stainless steel, the speed of 12KW compared to 10KW has increased by 114%.

With the acceleration of localization of lasers, the price of high-power laser cutting machines will become closer to the people, and the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine will no longer be unattainable. It can be imagined that a change in the sheet metal industry is imperative.