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Future welding process
- Jan 23, 2018 -

In modern metalworking, welding is more advanced than forging and forging process, but the development speed is very fast. The weight of the welded structure accounts for about 45% of the steel production, and the proportion of welded structures of aluminum and aluminum alloy is also increasing.

Future welding process, on the one hand to develop new welding methods, welding equipment and welding materials to further improve the welding quality and safety and reliability, such as improving the existing arc, plasma arc, electron beam, laser and other welding energy; the use of electronic technology And control technology to improve the arc of the process performance, development of reliable and lightweight arc tracking method.

On the other hand to improve the level of welding mechanization and automation, such as welding machine to achieve program control, digital control; developed from the preparation process, welding quality control to the entire process of automation of the special welding machine; automatic welding production line, to promote and expand CNC welding Robots and welding robots, can improve the level of welding production, improve the welding hygiene and safety conditions.