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Don't ask if the laser is radiating! But you have to know these security issues........
- Mar 31, 2018 -

Laser processing is increasingly used in industrial processing and manufacturing. Many traditional companies began to introduce laser equipment such as laser cutting machines, laser welding machines and laser marking machines, but they did not fully understand the characteristics of lasers. Even people often hear questions like "laser is nuclear radiation" or "laser will not affect our fertility."

Lasers are not as frightening as everyone thinks, but there are also some dangers, especially for laser cutting machines, laser welding machines and other power equipment. The following table (Table 1, Table 2) is based on some of the laser hazards listed in ISO 11553-1 Laser Processing Equipment - General Safety Requirements.

Many companies only provide training to employees on the operation and maintenance of laser equipment, and they pay less attention to the safe use of laser equipment. Laser safety issues have become increasingly prominent.

1. The lack of safety certification of laser equipment or laser

However, many companies are not prepared for laser product safety certification. They are unfamiliar with the hazards of lasers, the level of laser safety, the standards for evaluation, and the requirements for laser safety in various countries. Some laser devices or products have not undergone rigorous safety assessment and certification, and there are beam hazards and non-beam hazards such as electrical, mechanical, fire, and toxic and hazardous material release. In the market environment without safety auditing and safety certification, laser safety design defects of many laser devices have not been taken seriously.

2. Lack of laser safety awareness among laser practitioners

Many laser practitioners do not have enough knowledge of lasers. Some people may have a certain fear, and even wonder whether "laser is nuclear radiation" or "laser will not affect our fertility." But what really needs attention is that some people know nothing about the real harm of lasers. This is mainly because R&D, design, production and processing personnel do not have experience in laser work, and there are no established laser safety requirements in the enterprise nor do they provide the most basic laser safety knowledge training.

The laser company employees should master the various hazards and preventive measures of the laser production system, such as the selection of suitable laser goggles, the meaning of laser warning signs, the management of high-power lasers, and the authorization of operations.

3. Enterprise safety management work is not in place

Most laser production and processing companies did not establish a systematic laser safety management system and did not establish a laser safety officer.

The laser safety management system is very mature in laser production companies in Europe and the United States, but it is a pity that many domestic companies have not established a laser safety person system. We must systematically attach importance to laser safety. We must not only correctly recognize the various hazards of lasers, but also make great efforts to design laser products or systems that meet safety regulations. We must also establish a system of laser safety personnel within the company as soon as possible to improve personnel training and operations. specification.

It is of utmost importance that laser safety managers establish laser companies. The person in charge of laser safety needs to have sufficient laser safety knowledge to be able to assess and control laser hazards for the enterprise and to co-ordinate the management of laser safety issues within the company. If there is no person with specialized knowledge, it cannot effectively manage and control laser hazards, take preventive measures in a timely manner, and cannot systematically organize personnel training, thereby failing to qualitatively improve the safety design of laser products.

Companies need to introduce laser safety managers into the management system and organizational structure to form a system that places emphasis on laser safety within the company, raises the awareness of safety of employees, and allows laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser marking machines, and other laser devices. Better bring benefits and reduce harm.